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6 Things to do once you get the Amex Gold Card

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Enroll in the Dining Credit

The new American Express Gold card provides a $120 per year dining credit that is dished out in $10 installments each month. The credit is valid towards the bill at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack and towards spending on food delivery services Grubhub and Seamless. However you do need to enroll in the credit through the card benefits page in your online account.


Enroll in the Airline Fee Credit and Pick Your Airline

The Amex Gold Card also provides a $100 airline fee credit each calendar year (this means you will actually get it twice during your first year of membership). But this credit, you’ve guessed it, also requires you to enroll, and while you are enrolling you need to pick your airline. Here is a list of the airlines on offer:


  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines


This credit is for use on incidental fees, such as checked bags, in flight entertainment etc… But in many cases can be used for airline gift cards in small denominations. This can change as Airlines change how they code these purchases from time to time, but this year we have managed to buy American Airlines gift cards in denominations of $50 and get reimbursed. Others have reported that Delta and Southwest gift cards also work. This was using the Amex Platinum, but the Gold Card should work on the same principle. Remember this airline credit resets each calendar year, so if you haven’t used it by the end of December 2018 on baggage fees etc… I recommend you buy gift cards (If your airline is AA, Delta or Southwest), or else it is gone. If you want to change your airline, you can do it when you enroll for the next year in January.


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Link Your Bank Account and Set Up Autopay

This one may be obvious, but it makes good financial sense to do this right away, to guard against late payments and the penalties they may incur. You can choose to pay the minimum payment or the entire bill (obviously this is a charge card so the minimum payment will usually be the entire bill, unless you have opted to use the “pay over time” feature for some purchases). I set my payment to go through automatically 15 days after my statement closing date, which is the default setting.


Refer Your Friends

Since the revamped Gold Card has just been released and the Rose Gold version is only available until January 2019, a lot of people are thinking of getting the card right now. So it is prime time to capitalize on that interest and provide referral links to your friends and family. You will earn 10k points for each referral, upto 55k per year. At the time of writing this article, referral links provide access to an increased 50k sign up bonus too, so you will be doing people you refer a favor, rather than just doing something for yourself.

Signing up for the Amex Shoprunner benefit
Signing up for the Amex Shoprunner benefit

Enroll in Shoprunner

The Shoprunner benefit gets you free two day shipping and returns at over 140 stores, and it requires you to enroll. The selection of stores is pretty good and I was glad to see one of my favorite clothes stores, American Eagle, on the list. While there is no real reason to enroll right away, this is a benefit you may forget about it you don’t explore it when you first get the card. In addition to Shoprunner, you can also take a browse through the Amex Offers that appear on the homepage of your account and can be added to your card for discounts or eatra points at certain stores.


Have a Plan for the Sign Up Bonus

For the launch American Express is giving out a two part sign up bonus, either 25k or 50k points for $2000 spending in the first three months, as well a $100 statement credit that comes in the form of 20% off your bill at any restaurant you go to. Basically they are getting the tip for you, because you do tip 20%…right? Anyway, just be aware of your spending during the first three months so you make sure you meet the $2000 spend to get those bonus points, this is the most crucial, because if you are even a little short, you will lose out on the whole bonus. Then also look at your restaurant spending to maximize that $100 restaurant credit as well.


Well that is it guys, happy swiping with your new cards!

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