Ben Hedges, AKA “The Credit Shifu,” spent his childhood in Hong Kong, and later moved to the UK for his teenage years, returning to Asia as a young adult for one year of study in Taiwan,  he then moved to the USA  in 2011. He got fed up with always having to pay large deposits when signing up for a cellphone plan, renting an apartment or setting up an account with the electricity company. This was all because he didn’t have an established credit score. So he decided to do something about it, and work on improving his credit score by climbing the credit card ladder. From basic cards, Ben climbed all the way up to cards that give significant perks and rewards, all while responsibly paying his bills every month. After one year his credit score had reached 720 and after two years he was at 760.

Ben decided to create first a YouTube channel and then a blog, to share his experience with others. The word Shifu means “master” in Chinese, so Credit Shifu means “Credit Master.” Welcome to the Credit Shifu’s website, where we will teach you to master your credit score and unlock perks and rewards, while spending responsibly and always paying your bills on time. We also post information on finding the best deals and personal finance advice.

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