The Amex Green Card
The Amex Green Card

Rumors are circulating that American Express will be revamping its entry level charge card – the Green Card. This card is the original Amex charge card, but despite its classic design and long history, it has failed to compete with other similar cards in recent years. But that may change in February or March this year if rumors are true…


According to Doctor of Credit, who didn’t cite their source but have been reliable with similar rumors in the past, American Express will be introducing the following point earning categories on the green card:

New Bonus Categories

4x points on gas purchases

3x points on streaming services


In addition to this there is also the suggestion that American Express plans to include Amazon Prime membership with the card. This would be a great selling point. Right now the Green Card’s annual fee is $95 and Amazon Prime membership costs $119 per year so its inclusion with the card would likely result in a higher annual fee, I am guessing to $150. That would also be consistent with what we have seen on the gold and platinum cards.


For me, paying $150 for a card that earns 4x on gas would be a no-brainer, since I am already paying $119 for Amazon Prime, so I would only be paying $31 more. Whether this ends up being the case or not, we will have to wait and see. More information should come out in the next few weeks.


Read the Doctor of Credit article here

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