Uber Credit Card Ditches 4% on Dining in Major Shake Up

The Uber Visa card from Barclays used to be the best cash back card for restaurant purchases, earning 4% back per dollar spent. It famously beat the Capital One Savor, which was supposed to be the best cash back card for foodies, but only earnt 3% cash back at restaurants. Competition was so fierce that Capital One felt they needed to introduce another version of the Savor that did earn 4% at restaurants, but it still didn’t beat Uber since it had an annual fee, where as the Uber card doesn’t. Well that time has come to an end….
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Amex Gold 4x Points on Dining Going Global

The Rose Gold version of the Amex Gold Card
American Express is making a very positive change to the popular Gold Card on June 6th 2019. The card currently earns 4 Amex Membership Rewards points on dining purchases at U.S. restaurants and this benefit will now go global. So members will be able to earn 4x points per dollar spent at restaurants internationally, anywhere Amex is accepted.
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Get 10k MR Points By Enrolling in Amex “Extended Payment” (Targeted)

Amex Extended Payment
American Express has sent out an email and mail offer inviting targeted charge card holders to enroll in their Extended Payment Option or Pay Over Time feature. For doing so cardholders can get a bonus of 10k MR points. The offer ends on 04/30/2019 and if you haven’t received an email or offer in the mail, you can try your luck to see if you have been targeted by clicking the link below and signing into your Amex account.
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Three Reasons You NEED a Travel Credit Card

A business class seat
Have you ever been stuck in the TSA line, when your flight started boarding five minutes ago? Have you ever been delayed and your airline finds an excuse not to compensate you for the inconvenience? Or have you ever wished you had the cash required to upgrade yourself to business class? Well a lot of these problems can be solved by simply having a travel rewards credit card in your wallet. Let me explain how…
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Amex Green Card: Positive Changes Coming (Rumors)

The Amex Green Card
Rumors are circulating that American Express will be revamping its entry level charge card – the Green Card. This card is the original Amex charge card, but despite its classic design and long history has failed to compete with other similar cards in recent years. But that may change in February or March this year if rumors are true…
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New Amazon American Express Business Cards – Our Take

Amazon Business Credit Card from American Express
American Express and Amazon have partnered to launch a co-branded business credit card, available in two versions. Both the versions have no annual fee, although the more attractive of the two is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, so you could view the $119 annual membership cost of Amazon Prime as the card’s annual fee. The signature benefits of these cards are as follows:
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