US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature
The US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card

US Bank recently released a new business credit card called the US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature. The card features 48 potential bonus categories of which card holders will earn 2x on two categories out of the 48. The card also features 1 extra point per dollar spent, up to 100,000 points in the first year, instead of a sign up bonus, so that is 3x on the bonus categories in the first year. The card charges an annual fee of $95, waived for the first year.


The way the bonus categories work on this card is that when card holders spend with the card, US Bank will automatically works out your two categories, out of the 48, with the highest spending and award you 2x points per dollar for that spend (3x per dollar in the first year). If you change your spending habits the next month, US Bank will automatically switch the bonus categories to whatever two categories from the 48 that you spent the most in.


Here is a full list of the bonus categories available:

1. Advertising Firms
2. Airlines
3. Apparel and accessory stores
4. Auto rental and transport providers
5. Automotive dealers
6. Automative parts stores
7. Automotive repair shops
8. Cable, satellite, TV, and radio providers
9. Charitable, civic, and religious organizations
10. Commercial and home furniture stores
11. Commercial equipment, parts and supply
12. Computer service providers
13. Computer stores
14. Construction material suppliers
15. Dental, lab, and medical equipment providers
16. Department, book and novelty stores
17. Direct marketers
18. Discount stores and wholesale clubs
19. Drug stores and pharmacies
20. Durable goods providers
21. Entertainment places
22. Florist, nursery, and garden stores
23. Freight and transport services
24. Funeral homes and crematories
25. Gas stations and fuel dealers
26. Grocery stores and supermarkets
27. Healthcare providers
28. Home improvement service and supply
29. Hotels
30. Industrial suppliers
31. Insurance providers
32. Membership organizations
33. Non-durable goods providers
34. Non-medical testing labs
35. Personal service providers
36. Pet supply stores
37. Plumbing and HVAC suppliers
38. Postal and courier service providers
39. Professional service providers
40. Publishers and printers
41. Restaurants
42. Schools and government
43. Stationary and office supply stores
44. Telecom equipment suppliers
45. Telecom service providers
46. Utility companies
47. Veterinarians
48. Wholesale goods providers

In addition to earning bonus points in these 48 categories, US Bank Business Leverage card holders have the opportunity to earn up to 240,000 points or $2,880 in cash back per year for processing payments. Employee cards are free and there is no limit on how many you can apply for, each one also earns 1 extra point per dollar in the first year and has its own cap of 100,000 points in addition to the 100,000 point allowance on the main card. So you could for example potentially earn 3.3 million points for $1.1 million dollars worth of spending in the bonus categories across 10 employee cards and the main card. Points from the card can be redeemed for cash back or travel, gift cards, or merchandise. There are no transfer partners and the points are worth 1c a piece. Applications for the card are now live on US Bank’s website. 

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