New Amazon American Express Business Cards – Our Take

Amazon Business Credit Card from American Express
American Express and Amazon have partnered to launch a co-branded business credit card, available in two versions. Both the versions have no annual fee, although the more attractive of the two is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, so you could view the $119 annual membership cost of Amazon Prime as the card’s annual fee. The signature benefits of these cards are as follows:
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US Bank Releases Business Card with 48 Bonus Categories

US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature
US Bank recently released a new business credit card called the US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature. The card features 48 potential bonus categories of which card holders will earn 2x on two categories out of the 48. The card also features 1 extra point per dollar spent, up to 100,000 points in the first year, instead of a sign up bonus, so that is 3x on the bonus categories in the first year. The card charges an annual fee of $95, waived for the first year.
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