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New Chase Offers: Up to 5X Points on Groceries

Chase announced new offers that provide more value during stay-at-home orders

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With the current lockdowns and travel bans many credit card bonus categories aren’t as relevant to consumers as they used to be. Credit cards with a travel focus are creating new bonuses and perks that are more valuable to American households during stay-at-home orders. American Express just announced new offers on streaming, working from home services and dining-in. Now Chase is adding grocery spending bonuses.


New Chase Offers on Groceries

Between May 1 and June 30 many Chase travel credit cards will offer 3-5x points on grocery purchases, on up to $1,500 of spending per month. Grocery purchases made in-store or delivered through eligible grocery delivery services are included in the new bonus category, however warehouse clubs and discount stores are not included.

There’s no registration or activation required. If you have an eligible card then you should automatically earn the bonus.


Chase Cards that Offer:

5x points on groceries:

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3x points on groceries:


Earning 5x Ultimate Rewards points on grocery shopping certainly provides great additional value to Chase’s credit cardmembers. Check out some non-travel related ways to use your credit card rewards and how to redeem your rewards for essential and other purchases.

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