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Apple Launches Path to Apple Card, a Credit Worthiness Improvement Program

Apple has launched Path To Apple Card which is a 4 month program to improve creditworthiness of applicants who were denied for the Apple Credit Card

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The Apple credit card, which launched last year, generated a lot of interest with its straight forward cash back offers. Earlier this month Apple also rolled out A Limited-Time $50 Signup Bonus. However, it reportedly hasn’t been easy to get approval for the card under some circumstances. Now, declined Apple Card applicants may begin seeing notifications on their phone inviting them to the Path to Apple Card program. 

Path to Apple Card is a new opt-in program that can run for up to four months, and is designed to improve the credit worthiness of the applicants. The program highlights reasons for the previous decline, and helps users improve the specific credit score markers that would make these users more likely to get approved for Apple credit card next time.

This new program sends out a monthly update on the user’s progress in carrying out tasks such as resolving past due balances, on time payments, lowering credit utilization, etc. These updates also include helpful steps to take to make further improvements.

Once the Path to Apple Card users have completed the program, they are invited to reapply for the Apple Card. You must re-apply within 14 days for the data collected from the Path to Apple Card program to be used in your application. 

Apple has also recently launched a new website detailing various criteria Goldman Sachs uses to: approve or decline the applicant, determine the credit limit, and calculate interest for the platform.


The Apple Credit Card Just Got Easier to Get

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