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You might have seen images of what’s called the ANTIFA credit card circulating on social media. The card is said to be “automatically funded after looting, rioting and gang stalking”. The card is designed and manufactured by Hooligans Gegen Satzbau. It’s called the ANTIFAmily © card and is not a real credit or debit card. The card has no function, and won’t enable cardholders to claim any benefits through the card.

Hooligans Gegen Satzbau – a German-language website: – uses a satire approach to creating various “hot button” merchandise using news headlines and trending topics.


Here is how Hooligans Gegen Satzbau described the ANTIFA credit card (translated from German):

The latest CMYK chip and magnetic stripe dummy technology, combined with the findings from groundbreaking hologram printing research, combined in one card that has it all!

After you sign, the card is automatically linked to your personal Imagine ™ account, and the ANTIFAmily © card is immediately ready for use.

By owning the ANTIFAmily © card, you are unequivocally committed to fundamental human rights!


ANTIFamily card gives you the following benefits:


  • Pay cashless
  • Get demo money digitally right away according to anti-administrative law
  • Enjoy discounts on food and drinks in leading fast-food restaurants
  • Monthly redeemable clothing vouchers for black textiles
  • Use exclusive travel opportunities for riots and concerts internationally
  • Receive your personal luxury food package and statutory health insurance
  • Use public transport free of charge (illegal riding and driving)
  • Includes 50 cents donation to Exit Germany

The ANTIFA card comes in a premium Platinum design as well.


Reading the card’s benefits, of course, gives one a clue that the card is not a real card. But just in case anyone has doubts (and also to prevent any potential lawsuit) adds this sentence under the card’s “perks”:


“All statements are without guarantee.”





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