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Verizon Launches No-Annual-Fee Credit Card

Verizon just released a new Verizon Visa credit card exclusively available for existing Verizon wireless customers

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If you’re a Verizon customer and looking for ways to cut down on your monthly cell phone bill, a new Verizon credit card might be the answer. Verizon’s new credit card, issued by Synchrony, gives consumer wireless customers the ability to save on their monthly Verizon bill through rewards earned on everyday purchases. The new Verizon credit card carries no annual fee.

In order to apply for this card, you must be the account owner or account manager of an active Verizon Wireless plan that has 10 lines or fewer. This excludes customers who use Verizon’s prepaid cell phone plans and customers of discount cell service providers that use the Verizon network. Verizon Launches No-Annual-Fee Credit

Verizon Credit Card Has Its Own Currency

The Verizon credit card comes with a new form of currency called Verizon Dollars. Verizon Dollars are redeemable for 5G devices, accessories, and your monthly Verizon Wireless bill. You can spend 1 Verizon Dollar on Verizon purchases just like you’d spend $1 US dollar. In other words, Verizon Dollars are store credits with Verizon where you can use them on almost anything Verizon sells, except Verizon gift cards.

There are no limits on how much you can earn, no expiration date, but Verizon Dollars have no cash value.


New Verizon Credit Card Rewards

Verizon credit cardholders can earn the following rewards:

  • 4% Rewards: Groceries, Gas
  • 3% Rewards: Restaurants and Dining (including takeout purchases)
  • 2% Rewards: Verizon purchases
  • 1% Rewards: All other purchases

You can redeem these rewards as Verizon Dollars. There is no earning cashback with this card. 

Example of how much you can earn back:

Verizon Launches No-Annual-Fee Credit Card


Welcome Bonus of $100 In Bill Credits

New Verizon Visa cardmembers can receive $100 in bill credits as a welcome bonus. To qualify, make your full Verizon Wireless or Fios payments with Verizon Visa Card for the first 24 consecutive months of being a cardholder. The welcome bonus will be issued as $4.17 credit a month. 

You can also earn another $10 OFF each line on your bill per month (up to 10 lines so max $100) if you sign up for Verizon’s auto-pay program using the new credit card. 


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