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New Amex PRG Benefits Coming 10/04/2018 According to Sources

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Yesterday we reported on exciting new benefits coming to the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, a $120 annual dining credit and 4x point earning at US restaurants and supermarkets, you can read that article here. The new benefits showed up in some accounts yesterday, but then got removed, so there has been some confusion over who will get them and when will they go live, if at all.


We now have some answers from several sources, including viewers who have commented on our video, as well as another source that contacted us directly with some info, there seems to be a consensus that the new benefits will take effect on 10/04/2018. See quotes below:


“Credit shifu, I just spoke with an AMEX rep and they said that there are changes coming to the PRG card but they will not take effect until 10/4/18.  I mentioned the 4x categories but they would not confirm or deny, but were pretty convincing that this would be the case for the changes.”

Credit Shifu viewer comment


Many have speculated that the annual fee will increase with the introduction of these new benefits, just as the Amex Platinum annual fee increased by $100 with the introduction of the Uber credit. But so far Amex has been tight-lipped about this:


“Just called Amex about this. Was told new rewards are going live on 10/4, not sure why they showed up today on some accounts. I also inquired if there will be any annual fee change and got this: “information about the annual fee will be disclosed on 10/4, also it will show upfront when you apply for this card. As of now we don’t have any official announcement about increasing the annual fee.”

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It seems Amex has been preparing this for some time, another one of our viewers reported being told about good things happening to the card a month ago:


“I spoke to an AMEX customer service person a month ago when I called with a general question, and she told me that having my PRG card was “really good” and her calling center was being trained up on new upcoming benefits for the PRG card which she couldn’t reveal to me.  She told me to just stay tuned. I think this is what she was referring to, and this is AWESOME!”

Credit Shifu viewer Paolo Alfante comment


So we are excited to see what happens on October 4th, which is actually only 2 weeks away. My guess is the annual fee may increase to around $250 and in addition to the dining credit, there may be some other benefits introduced, can we get a metal card maybe?

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